LES of MHD Workshop

Center Green Laboratory 1, Center Auditorium



P. Sagaut: "Large-Eddy Simulations: State of the art" (pdf)
S. Boldyrev: "MHD Turbulence: Challenges for SGS" (pdf)
W. Matthaeus: "Major progress in MHD turbulence: NCAR and beyond" (pdf)
P. Sullivan: "Trends in Large Eddy Simulations of Geophysical Boundary Layers" (pdf)
Session 1- SGS Modeling vs Filtering vs AMR
M. Rempel:"LES simulations of quiet sun magnetism" (pdf)
P. Smolarkiewicz:"Non-oscillatory forward-in-time differencing for fluid: simulation of global solar dynamo" (pdf)
J.-F. Cossette:"Thermal signature in global MHD simulations of solar convection" (pdf)
W. Schmidt:"Adaptively refined LES" (pdf)
A. Petrosyan: "Subgrid-scale modeling of compressible MHD turbulence" (pdf)
D. Sondak: "MHD-LES turbulence models derived from VMS formulations" (pdf)
K. Augustson: "Slope-limiting diffusion in simulations of convection and thermal plumes" (pdf)
Session 2- Anisotropy and Kinetic Effects
J. Shebalin: "Anisotropy in ideal MHD turbulence due to rotation and/or a mean magnetic field" (pdf)
A. Pouquet: "Helical flows in GFD turbulence and how to model them" (pdf)
H. Miura: "DNS of Hall and non-Hall MHD turbulence" (pdf)
C. Cambon: "Anisotropic homogeneous turbulence: Rotating, stratified and/or MHD flows" (pdf)
J. Stone: "Kinetic effects in diffuse astrophysical plasmas" (pdf)
W. Daughton: "A view from the bottom up: fully kinetic studies" (pdf)
W. Matthaeus: "How anisotropic can you get: Models and observations" (pdf)
F. Jenko: "What happens at the kinetic tail of the MHD cascade and how to model it" (pdf)
Session 3- Magnetic Reconnection
A. Pouquet: "Is there a path from ideal structures to reconnection?" (pdf)
N. Yokoi:"Self-consistent turbulence modeling on magnetic reconnection" (pdf)
W. Schmidt:"Kinetic and MHD approaches to turbulent reconnection" (pdf)
W. Matthaeus: "Multiple islands and acceleration in a turbulent environment" (pdf)
D. Uzdensky: "Reconnection in MHD turbulence: statistics of current sheets and intermittency of energy dissipation" (pdf)
W. Daughton: "Insights from 3D kinetic simulations and observational constraints" (pdf)
G. Eyink: "Turbulent reconnection, flux-freezing, and coarse-graining" (pdf)
M. Velli: "Reconnection of quasi-singular current sheets and tearing in the ideal limit" (pdf)
J.-F. Cossette: "Relaxing ideal magneto-fluids: Eulerian vs semi-Lagrangian approaches" (pdf)
Session 4- Helicity
A. Brandenburg: "Magnetic helicity in LES" (pdf)
A. Pouquet: "The role of helicity in 3D turbulence is, in our opinion, still somewhat mysterious" (pdf)
N. Yokoi: "Sub-grid scale model with structure effects incorporated through the helicity" (pdf)
J. Shebalin: "Rotation and helicity in MHD turbulence" (pdf)
E. Blackman: "Helicity and Large Scale Dynamos: lessons from mean field theory and astrophysical implications" (pdf)
W. Matthaeus: "Helicity, pseudovariants and 1/f noise: can modeling capture these effects? " (pdf)
Session 5- Geometry and Boundary Conditions
S. Boldyrev:"Alfven waves: small-scale turbulence and large-scale structure" (pdf)
K. Julien:"Asymptotic approaches for rotationally constrained conevective flows" (pdf)
M. Rast:"A mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian scalar transport model " (pdf)
M. Calkins: "Rapidly rotating convection: when geometry matters" (pdf)
J. Shebalin: "Ideal MHD turbulence in Cartesian and spherical geometries" (pdf)
Session 6- Applications and the MHD LES Challenge
G. Lesur: "Low Pm turbulence in Protoplanetary discs" (pdf)
W. Schmidt: "Supersonic MHD turbulence" (pdf)
Y. Fan: "A convective dynamo simulation of a cyclic solar dynamo" (pdf)
Summary (pdf)