GTP Annual Meeting 2012


DECISIONS taken at the GTP Annual Meeting

Reserve:          4k

TRIG meeting:         7.5k

Grad. student: Lisa Dirks (Hosts: Steve Oncley & Tom Horst, 6 month visit, co-sponsoring by EOL):     4.5k

Grad. student: Silvester Anabas (Hosts: Wojciech Grabowski and Piotr Smolarkiewicz, MMM):    2k

Junior scientist fund (1, 2 & 3), related to GTP retreat: 5k

Please send a 1-paragraph proposal for purpose of request and needed amount, to pouquet @ by February 24

Note on Fiscal 13:

* Workshop on LES, HAO+, 30k

Then, possibly 17k left for seminars  and visitors

Issue for Fiscal 14: We may have to choose between lower amounts for workshops vs. visitors if budgets do not grow back


All visitors give at least one seminar; overhead included in allocated sums, unless visitor stays only for 3 (or 4?) days:

Ian Harman (Host: Ned Patton, MMM):             4k

David Gurarie (H: Don Lenschow, MMM):             3k

Dmitri Mironov (H: Peter Sullivan, MMM):         5k

Arakel Petrosyan (H: Mark Miesch, HAO):         2k

Eric Lindborg (H: Duane Rosenberg, IMAGe):         2k

Hélène Politano (H: Annick Pouquet, IMAGe):         3.5k

Alain Noullez (H: Annick Pouquet, IMAGe):         3.5k

           [Note: Raymond Shaw from EOL coming to the August workshop]

           [Also note the lack of seminar invitees for < 4 days this year]

TOTAL:  46k, all available monies engaged

You will find the slides presented at the meeting at SLIDES

Thank you for your continuing support of GTP






1-  What we accomplished in F'11 (for a copy of last year's minutes please visit )

2-  Requests for seminars, visitors and workshops for later years

3-  Other